Official Website and Fan Page of Valiant Michael


Valiant 's autobio "My Valiant Journey" website will be created soon.

Valiant has been working on an original story turned mafia melodrama for stage for 2016 called "The Lollipop Mafia". He will be portraying one of his own character Cane Zucchero, a mafia capo.

Valiant has written a recent article about Steampunk for Liberty Voice. "Steampunk! Gears, Gadgetry, and Genre of Victorian Science Fiction"

Valiant is also collaborating with some famous GLBTQI for his own creation of an original Transgender Musical (title withheld). He will be one of ten actors in this musical. He has written six original song compositions including songs "Gender Revolution" and "FabuloUS to be US" and will be getting permission to use some well-known songs.


Valiant Michael's Fiction and Non Fiction Writings will be posted here soon.

He will be posting literary titles here as specified by his literary agent.