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More YouTube video links will be posted from "Desire" (Table for Three), "Watch Over Me", "Wicked Wicked Games", and other shows.

"Desire" (Table for Three) Episode - Mafia Rivalry at Joey Gamarra's mansion Gamarra Mafia face off/shootout with Lucio and his mafia. Valiant is the Gamarra Mobster wearing sunglasses and a beard in this scene. 

"Desire" (Table for Three) TV Series Introduction 2006

Theme song: "Always on Your Side" by Sheryl Crowe 

Valiant Michael as a Pirate on board several ships such as the Privateer Lynx, the Spirit of Dana Point, and the Star of India at the Festival of Sails at San Diego Bay in San Diego, CA USA.


Valiant sold dinner theatre tickets during the daytime and portrayed a mobster for weekend evenings for a 1920s style speakeasy "Gianni Sent Me" Dinner Theatre at the Historic Lumber Exchange Building in downtown Minneapolis, MN USA. 

Valiant Michael as a Northern Regiment Captain for Civil War Reenactments.

Valiant Michael has been in a variety of Reenactments as a Revolutionary War Patriot/Militia Fighter/Soldier for Revolutionary War, a Northern Regiment Captain for Civil War, and a Pirate/Swordsman for Pirate and Renaissance Faires.



Valiant as Escalus, Prince of Verona in a MSC Theatre Production of "Romeo and Juliet" and Shakespeare in the Park (age 19).

Photos from the Wausau Daily Herald and UWMC's Upstage Center Theatre of Valiant as several of these characters will be posted on this website soon!

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Valiant continued his interest in Theatre at MSC while earning his undergraduate degree of a BA in English Education. He was in several Theatre Productions and Shakepeare in the Park as Escalus, Prince of Verona in "Romeo and Juliet". 


Valiant began his acting career in Theatre at the age of 12 in a UWMC (University of Wisconsin Marathon Center) Upstage Center Theatre Production of Bertolt Brecht's "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" November 1986. His sister Agnes was stage manager for several Theatre Productions and attending classes there. Valiant had several roles throughout this play as Prince Arsen Kazbeki's nephew Bizergan Kazbeki, Biggest Bully Boy, An Ironshirt Soldier, and Blockhead (the singing soldier).

Even though he attended classes at a private Catholic grade school during the daytime, Valiant also attended some theatre classes in theatrical vocals, mask creation and design, stage construction, and character role analyses/profiles during some weekday evenings at UWMC. Valiant received University theatre credits in 1986 towards his BA degree in English years later at MSC in WI.

Valiant (sunglasses and beard) as a Gamarra Family Guard/ Mobster in the TV Series "Desire" (Table for Three) Season One at The Gamarra Residence in New Jersey (Rosecroft Mansion in La Playa, CA) - Spring 2006. (My Network TV 13)

Since moving from San Diego to Los Angeles, CA, Valiant has been auditioning for Theatre, TV Series, and Film speaking roles. His agent also has recommended some scripts. Valiant has been cast as Hollywood Legend Actor Tyrone Power (late 30s/early 40s) for a film on Power's life called "Goodnight Charming", Crown Prince Arisztid Janos of Hungary (ruthless Warlord, Swordsman, and Playboy) in the film "Enchanted Beloved" (working title), Tybalt in an upcoming play "Romeo and Juliet", Captain Beatty in Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451", and Mafia Capo Matteo Castiano for the Cable TV Series "Made Men" or "Mafia for Life" (working titles).

Valiant has been working with fencing instructors in epee and sabre training for upcoming theatre and film roles as stunt performances.

Valiant Michael as a Gamarra Family Guard/Mobster for "Desire" (Table for Three) filming at the Rosecroft Mansion in La Playa, CA. (Mob Boss Joey Gamarra's mansion residence in Bayonne, New Jersey). Spring 2006. Valiant is wearing a Christian Dior black two piece suit.

Advertisement for 1920s Speakeasy "Gianni Sent Me" Dinner Theatre. Gianni Fragali and girlfriend are pictured here.

Valiant has been an Actor for some TV Series for Stu Segall Productions and Movies in Southern California since 2006. He has been on My Network TV 13 and HBO. Valiant has been on the TV Series "Veronica Mars", "Desire (Table for Three), "Watch Over Me", and "Wicked Wicked Games". Also, he has been in some movies "Joe Somebody" and "Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World's End".