ROW 1 (left to right)

1. Valiant dressed Steampunk Sea/Airship Captain Profile on board the Queen Mary for the Steampunk Symposium 2015 in Long Beach, CA 2015 by Marisol Robledo Valiant

NOTICE: Uniform and Medals are completely fictional for Steampunk cosplay only!

Military Sword (made in India) and Colt pistol in black leather holster are real!

2. Valiant in front of the W Hotel on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA 2015.

3. Valiant dressed up Steampunk with goggles, gun, and gadgets!

4. Valiant attends the Grammy Awards and After Party at Beso Restaurant Hollywood 2015.

ROW 2 (left to right)

1. Valiant before being a Steampunk Aviator Model for Leonard Simpson's "10 Best Dressed Awards and Fashion Show" and Dress for Success charity event at Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines.

Photo by MCV (selfie) 2014

2. Voice Overs of radio adverts & narrations in Studio with Doug Anthony 2014 by Doug Anthony

3. Tuxedo Model in Allure Men Slate Blue for Los Angeles Fashion Show 2015  by MCV( selfie)

4. Steampunk Sea/Airship Captain for Steampunk Symposium 2015 on board the Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, CA. Photo by Marisol Robledo Valiant 

NOTICE: Uniform and Medals are completely fictional for Steampunk cosplay only!

Military Sword (made in India) and Colt pistol in black leather holster are real!

ROW 3 (left to right)

5.  Voice Overs of character voices & narrations in studio with Doug Anthony by MCV (selfie)

6. Steampunk Aviator Model 2014 Leonard Simpson's "10 Best Dressed" by Sinsay Fitography

7. Formal Tuxedo and Bowler Hat 2010 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

8. Pirate Reenactor with cannon on board "The Spirit of Dana Point" 2008 by Marisol R. Valiant

ROW 4 (left to right)

9. Pirate at Pirates for CHOC charity event 2008 in Anaheim, CA by Valiant Michael (selfie)

10. Don Miguel, Steampunk Airship building Tycoon 2013 by Marisol R. Valiant

11. Pirate Reenactor on board "The Star of India" by Marisol R. Valiant

12. Voice Overs and Poetry Readings/Recordings in Studio 2007 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

ROW 5 (left to right)

13. Valiant Michael wearing Raybans and a Bow tie in car 2014 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

14. Steampunk Aviator 2014 at Halloween Party in San Dimas, CA by Marisol R. Valiant

15. Goldfinger Villain "OddJob" for Costume Walkabout 2014 by Marisol R. Valiant

16. Epee Fencing training for Theatre and Film fight scenes 2014 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

ROW 6 (left to right)

17. Formal Attire Male Model for Fashion Show 2015  Los Angeles by Rob Wright Photography

18. Highwayman/Outlaw/Bandit at Western Days in San Dimas 2014 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

19. Revolutionary Patriot with flintlock pistol at Comic Con 2014 by Marisol R. Valiant

20. Baritone Voice and Bass Guitar Session Player in Studio 2014 by Chris Garrett

ROW 7 (left to right)

21. Pink Tie Affair on Pink Carpet Breast Cancer Awareness 2014 by Unknown Photographer

22. Sabre Fencing training for Theatre and Film fight scenes 2014 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

23. Gamarra Family Guard/Mobster TV Series "Desire" (Table for Three) by My Network TV13

24. Mobster with sawed off shotgun for Costume Walkabout 2014 by Marisol R. Valiant

ROW 8 (left to right)

25. Poetry Reading at Spoken Word and Art event Artrujillo Art Gallery 2003 by Linda Swendby

26. Pirate with a spyglass at Festival of Sails on board "The Seward" by Marisol R. Valiant

27. Steampunk Aviator in a Time Machine at the Gaslight Gathering 2013 by Marisol R. Valiant

28. Poet with black beret and gray/black painting in background 2004 by Ceeann Hanna

ROW 9 (left to right)

29. Steampunk Count of Coronado 2014 Gaslight Gathering by Marisol R. Valiant

30. Pompadour/Makeup/Pre Tux for Fashion Show Los Angeles 2015 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

31. Best Outlaw of the West! Con Dor Convention 2014 by Tobias Eastman Photography

32. Steampunk Captain Aviator Old Town San Diego 2014 by Marisol R. Valiant

ROW 10 (left to right)

33. Prince Escalus of Verona "Romeo and Juliet"/Shakespeare in the Park 1993 by Patsy Collins

34. Steampunk Aviator Model Leonard Simpson's "10 Best Dressed" 2014 by Sinsay Fitography

35. Steampunk Casual military hat and gun metal goggles 2015 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

36. Imperial Beach Sheriff Rookie "John from Cincinnati" HBO 2006 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

ROW 11 (left to right)

37. Sea Captain at Festival of Sails "The HMS Surprise" San Diego by Marisol R. Valiant

38. Steampunk Alter Ego Aviator with dark goggles and head gear by Valiant Michael (selfie)

39. Casual with Black and White Wool Hat at Home 2014 by Valiant Michael (selfie)

40. Steampunk Aviator for Gaslamp Gathering 2013 by Tobias Eastman Photography

Don Miguel, Count of Coronado Island and Spanish Air Ship building Tycoon

Steampunk themed weekend

Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2016

Irwindale, CA

Valiant as a Steampunk/Dieselpunk Soldier

L. Ron Hubbard's Writers and Ilustrators 2016

Galaxy Awards - Steampunk/Dieselpunk theme

Ebell Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

Valiant Michael as Salvatore Sicario (speaking role) in "Mafia Madmen", a mafia short film, on August 2015 in Hollywood. Valiant is wearing an Armani pinstripe suit. - Valiant Michael

Valiant Michael models Aviator Flash Ray Bans for GLBTIQ promo ads for GQ and Maxim Mens Magazines (July 2015)

Valiant Michael as Captain Volante, Lead Soldier of Fortune/Mercenary, who frees Sigismund, the Prince of Poland, from his Prison Tower & leads the people of Poland for a Revolution against Aistulf, the Duke of Muscovy 2015 perfomances. 

Play: "Life is a Dream" by Pedro Calderon

Theatre of Doors 8608 Broadway Ave Los Angeles, CA

Official Website and Fan Page of Valiant Michael


Valiant Michael will be modeling on the runway, red carpet, and in catalogs. He will be wearing Designer neckties, suits, and tuxedos for several Fashion Designers: Versace, Michael Kors, Christian Dior, Gucci, D&G, Guess and others.

Photography will be on a website for a shop called "Gentlemen Boutique" online and in Los Angeles, CA  Autumn 2017.

Valiant Michael as a Count Valiant at the Gaslight Gathering 6 in Fashion Valley, CA 2016

Valiant Michael pics from past Acting, Modeling, In Studio, Conventions, & more!

COMING SOON: More Adventures as different characters at various events and upcoming Plays, TV shows, Movies and Reenactment.

Valiant as an American born Patriot, Privateer, & Highwayman Count V. on the run at The Revolution in Huntington Beach, CA .      

Valiant as a Wasteland Warrior Bounty Hunter at the first ever Wastelander's Ball and concert in Torrance, CA.

Valiant as Pirate Harry Flash, drummer, in a modernized adaption of the swashbuckler play "Treasure Island" at Long Beach Playhouse

Valiant as the dashing Russian General Prince Gremin in "Eugene Onegin" (non opera) at Diverse Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Valiant Michael wearing a Michael Kors Designer Suit for Los Angeles Fashion Shows. RW Photos 2015.

Valiant Michael as a male model for Michael Kors Mens Fashions at the Los Angeles Fashion Shows. Runway and Magazine prints by MR Photography.

Valiant as The Outlaw/Highwayman in Black

Wild West Steam Con 2016

The Heritage Museum - Santa Ana, CA

Pirate Captain Valiant at Pirates Invasion at Belmont Pier in Long Beach, CA 2016

Valiant holding a Dead Head Rum Bottle for their Facebook page and Website Event Sponsor

Valiant Michael wearing Christian Dior on the red carpet and attending a Moroccan Dinner and Fashion Show CAFTAN DU MAROC at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel in Long Beach, CA 2016.         Amazing Moroccan Fashion 

Valiant as a Steampunk/Dieselpunk Aviator and Soldier Model on the runway and photoshoot  for Fashion Designer Leonard Simpson's "10 Best Dressed" Awards and Dressed for Success Charity 2014 

Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines - La Jolla, CA

Sinsay Fitography - A list San Diego - Los Angeles Promotions

Don Miguel, Count of Coronado Island and 

Spanish Air Ship building Tycoon

LA Cosplay Con 2016

Long Beach Convention Center - Long Beach, CA

Valiant as a Steampunk/Dieselpunk Engineer

Festival of Fools Steampunk Event 2016

Antique Gas & Steam Museum - Vista, CA